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Katy’s Story

Minnesota CarePartner (MNCP) began serving the community in 2013. Katy Armendariz (she/her), MSW, LICSW, saw a need for a culturally responsive child welfare-focused agency that addressed the inequitable mental health and chemical health needs of those on the margins, low-income, Black and Brown, LGBTQIA+ individuals and families. A product of a global child welfare system, Katy knows how the system disproportionately affects children and families of color, especially for those living in poverty, here at home. Katy’s passion to advocate for systemic changes and address inequities, coupled with a dire need for more cultural representation among providers in the mental health and SUD world, sparked the beginning of Minnesota CarePartner/Roots Recovery. Cultural and family preservation are core principles that guide our work. 


Starting with just two part-time therapists, Minnesota CarePartner began bringing psychotherapy into clients’ homes. Katy saw a need for in-home therapy for those who could not come to a clinic due to physical, mental, financial, or transportation barriers, or due to having no cultural representation at most therapy clinics. Bringing therapy to clients in the comfort of their own attempts to break down some of these barriers. By providing services by people who represent the community and use a systemic advocacy lens, the divide can be lessened. 

MNCP later introduced ARMHS and CTSS services, and Roots Recovery opened in 2017 as a true harm-reduction, systemic-oriented substance use treatment program. Decolonized services, such as our Parent Community Support Program, were later developed, followed by digital navigation to address the growing digital divide.

Minnesota CarePartner is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs of the community, innovating new programs as community needs change. We live in the community and partner with like-minded organizations to better serve everyone. Thank you for your support of Minnesota CarePartner/Roots Recovery and our mission to: Collectively empower individuals, families and communities to thrive in holistic, culturally healing, and anti-oppressive ways for the full liberation of those impacted by systemic oppression

Minnesota CarePartner/Roots Recovery is now Roots Wellness Center