We work to empower communities and transform lives Minnesota Care Partner

Supporting the right and need to be a part of a community is a critical component of social justice. Minnesota Care Partner is a social-justice-based agency that provides quality and culturally responsive mental health services in the community and the home. Our goal is to help individuals and families live holistic lives by identifying and building upon inherent cultural strengths and addressing social barriers.rs.

Some individuals have a difficult time living full lives, and families have a hard time parenting due to psychosocial barriers.

We are accepting new referrals for all services. Please note that we do offer Telehealth services.

Our professional training provides cutting-edge information and education from leading industry experts.

All our services have transitioned to teletherapy.



                     393 Dunlap St N, Ste 300                     Saint Paul, MN 55104

Our Staff Speak to What Our Mission Means to Them