At Minnesota CarePartner, we work with individuals and families suffering from substance use disorder. We assess and complete Rule 25 Assessments to determine public health funding for those seeking chemical dependency treatment. Our assessors can meet with you in-person, via zoom/video, or conduct a telephone assessment to decide if you may needs treatment, and if so, which type will is most appropriate.


We can currently only offer assessment to Ramsey County residents with Medical Assistance or without insurance. 


If you meet this criteria, you can contact Ramsey County Chemical Health at 651.266.4008 to schedule a Rule 25 with us. Please be sure to indicate Minnesota CarePartner as your preferred provider.


To learn more about what Rule 25 Assessments entail, please visit the MN Department of Human Services website.

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To make a referral with MNCP, please call 612.289.5656 or visit our digital referrals page by clicking the button below.

Minnesota CarePartner/Roots Recovery is now Roots Wellness Center