Roots COVID-19/Telehealth Resources

Here are some resources to help you with utilizing our Telehealth services, as well as to help answer questions you may have about our response to COVID-19.

Download the Zoom Telehealth App

The Zoom Cloud Meetings app is required to utilize telehealth services on mobile devices. Click to download below. 

Documentation & Links

Click the buttons below to access the documentation provided to clients regarding the COVID-19 response and telehealth options, as well as links to our virtual rooms.

Instructions for Creating Bookmarks for Telehealth Group/Therapy Rooms

Follow these instructions to add easy clickable links for our video group rooms to your device home screen:  You can also find these instructions online at the link below.

  • You must download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your device before taking these steps.
  • First, click this link to visit the links page (or type it into your browser):
  • On iPhone Safari browser, click the box with arrow in the middle of the bottom of the screen and scroll down to select “Add to home screen.” In the popup, select “Add”
  • On Android Chrome browser, click the “three dots” on the top right of the screen and select “Add to Home Screen.” Click “Add” in the two popup windows.
  • Find the shortcut on your home screen. You can now open this shortcut and click on your group/room name to join any of the video group/meeting rooms.

Video Demonstration of Creating Bookmark on an Android Device

Video Demonstration of Creating Bookmark on an iPhone