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Mental Health

Some individuals have a difficult time living full lives, and families have a hard time parenting due to psychosocial barriers.

Mental health issues, homelessness, substance use disorders, and other issues marginalized populations experience can result in suffering in isolation rather than seeking care, and children being removed from their homes. Minnesota CarePartner designed our programs to address such barriers to equitable care. We do this by providing services that view individuals and families within their environmental contexts and through the lens of historical trauma and current oppressions.

Our goal is to reduce the disparities of low-income families of color in the behavioral healthcare system and keep families together. We specialize in in-home and community-based services for individuals and families who cannot make it to a clinic due to physical, mental, social, financial, and/or transportation barriers. We also offer outpatient substance use disorder treatment and therapy at our offices for those who prefer to meet outside of their home.

Mental Health Therapy

Minnesota CarePartner therapy services are provided by social justice minded, culturally and linguistically responsive providers who integrate systemic advocacy into the healing and wellness process. We understand the lasting impact of intergenerational trauma and its manifestation in communities, families and individuals. Our values are grounded in cultural representation, humility and understanding. Our therapy services incorporate cultural and community connection and holistic health. Therapy can be provided in-home, at one of our offices or virtually. To make a referral, please click on the button below. 

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

Our Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) provide skills training for adults with mental health conditions. Our directive is to help these adults gain independence in their home and community. The adults in this program develop stability and social competencies, as well as basic social and living skills, in order to better manage symptoms from mental illness.

These living skills include household management, most skills involving employment or gaining employment, and transitioning to living within a community. Our eligible recipients are guided by mental health practitioners. And we work hard to match our recipients with a specialist from the same cultural identity who speaks their language.

Children’s Therapeutic Supports & Services (CTSS)

Minnesota CarePartner’s Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) provides in-home or in-school skills training to children with mental health circumstances that interfere with their ability to thrive and achieve optimum development. Whether in home or at school, we teach individual, family, and group coping skills. CTSS is flexible, in that it provides various levels of therapeutic and rehabilitative services. Mostly, CTSS acknowledges that emotional barriers, often resulting from traumatic and systematic experiences, can lead to barriers at home, school and within the community. CTSS aims to restore and to empower children and families through gentle and skilled providers who are rooted in cultural richness and focus on holistic wellness.