Digital Navigation Services

Some individuals have a difficult time living full lives, and families have a hard time parenting due to psychosocial barriers.

Mental health issues, homelessness, substance use disorders, and other issues marginalized populations experience can result in suffering in isolation rather than seeking care, and children being removed from their homes. Minnesota CarePartner designed our programs to address such barriers to equitable care. We do this by providing services that view individuals and families within their environmental contexts and through the lens of historical trauma and current oppressions.

Our goal is to reduce the disparities of low-income families of color in the behavioral healthcare system and keep families together. We specialize in in-home and community-based services for individuals and families who cannot make it to a clinic due to physical, mental, social, financial, and/or transportation barriers. We also offer outpatient substance use disorder treatment and therapy at our offices for those who prefer to meet outside of their home.

Digital Navigation Services

There has always been a digital divide, a gap in marginalized communities with digital navigation and skills, and being able to participate equally and holistically to address human needs and remain connected. The COVID19 pandemic propelled our world into a virtual one, and further left behind significant segments of our communities. Our digital navigators have a social work background and assist with any other resourcing that is needed. 


Across Hennepin and Ramsey counties, our in-home digital navigators will meet with folx in the comfort of their own home or a place in the community, at no cost, to assist with any of the following needs. If a need is not listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to ask! 


  • Setting up a cell phone 
  • Setting up an email 
  • Internet basics 
  • Using MyChart for health needs 
  • Downloading/utilizing Zoom 
  • Searching for resources online 
  • Setting up online grocery delivery 
  • Navigating online banking 
  • Learning about internet security and safety 
  • Learning how to use apps 
  • Job search/housing search online 
  • Creating resumes 
  • Providing referrals to low-cost digital options 
  • Applying for benefits